Example: Xe’seve sistenha’het derek al.
(1S-use system old very)
I use/am using a very old box.

Unfortunately, this does relate to the current situation since the failure of both a harddisk and everything related to Windows CE (on my 2nd netbook) means that I am using a 14 year old computer atm. This means no mice, no GUIs, no updates (her distro is ancient enough no longer to be supported and updating her would mean replacing the harddisk since the usual processes reach the limits of the 2GB hardisk and the 36MB RAM) and no unicode.

Derek (and ‘derek) is exactly this kind of thing. It is not used for an antique thing (which is respected because or despite its age), it is used for something which is deprecated, often barely works, and it is used colloquially for something boring.

Derek’he thus is an insult against an old person.