Example: Limenu’he mi’la’esina al alna ,xe’lil, het.
(evaluator 3S-PST-want much CMP ,1S-have, this)
The evaluator wanted more than I had.

The results of the trip to Karlsruhe:
① Job interviews work better with more than 3 hours of sleep.
② It is probably a bad sign if the first question is based on false information. At least it was not one which I asked…
③ It is probably a bad sign when the interviewer asks whether I would be as nervous on the job as well.
④ It is probably a good sign to be able to answer most of the technical questions. I knew that regexen and my binary wristwatch would save my gluteus maximus one day. 😉
⑤ If there are 2 ways to understand a question related to regular expressions, you will choose the wrong interpretation.
⑥ It is better to get into the correct train – at least if you want to get home on the same day you left.
⑦ In case of spending a night at a train station, the elevators are the only places where you are safe from wind.
⑧ While the train journey between Bonn and Koblenz is quite amazing in daylight, it is completely uneventful during the night.
⑨ In about 2 weeks I will know whether I’ll be hired. *hopes*

Now to the word of the day… It is related to ‘tesi which I translate as ‘to test’ but does not require setting up a specific set of circumstances for it (you would ‘tesi during an exam, but ‘limenu classroom participation). Limenu’het means evaluation (rather: a specific instance of evaluation) and limenu’tan means statistics. It is one of the derivations, which have to be learned.