Example: Minji’het’ny’mi min’derek ,mi’la’oyki al sanja’het’mi’jet, lija.
(Hand-PL-GEN3S 3PL-old ,3S-PST-work much life-GEN3S-TEMP, because)
Her/his hands are old because s/he worked much in her/his life.

This word is one of the ones which were created far later than you would think only to appear as a gaping hole in the vocabulary and to be really embarrassing to me.

The verb ‘minji means ‘to hold’ as in ‘to keep in your hand’. There are twocompounds which use it: minjiduxu’het (hand-hit/strike/beat-thing) means fist (and thus is the word from the translation of the Früchte des Zorns song) and minjialari’he (hand-justice-person) means judge.