Example: Salan’iln minji’het’ny’iln ji iran’ta’iln! Kudamekuv’het mi’kidhi!
(upIMP2PL hand-PL-GEN2PL and move-NEG-2PL! hold-up 3S-happen!)
Raise your hands and don’t move! This is a hold-up!

Probably the words, which you do not want to hear when you are in a rejistanian bank… The word of the day is yet another inside joke. It is related to the Flock of Seagulls song “I Ran”. I am not sure what the exact reasoning was behind it, but it was hillarious. I know that this probably means that you start to question my sanity*.

‘iran means to move, however ‘iran asav’het (to move the head) means to shake the head. It is related to the fact that it is a short gesture in Rejistania, iran’het is muscle (roughly: move-thing), iran’tan is movement.

*don’t worry, none left 😉