Example: Xe’ki’isa Karilisruhe’han kali semynu’het masi.
(1S-FUT-go Karlsruhe-ALL city week next.)
Next week I will go to Karlsruhe.

This is not only an example sentence but also an excuse if I do not post a word of the day on Thursday next week. It also showed how the word kali is used quite often: It is used as strange kind of adjective after a city name. This is especially relevant for places like New York (City and State) or KaMaRi (kali, rekijo and nanti) which exist on several levels of organization. KaMaRi is by the way an abbreviation for Kalimnintan Maiju Riandu, the 3 cities, out of which KaMaRi consists. The rejistanian capital Sike is not a rekijo, but it does require ‘kali‘ because sike means “there”.

Kali’het and any degree of organization refers to a capital of this area. Thus, a kali’het tani is a national capital. A kali’he is a citizen in the true meaning of the term: Someone who lives in a city. Kali’tan is urbanization. Kali as adjective can also mean municipal.

And now for music: Tubular Crusade by gwEm and Counter Reset. I have to admit that chiptune is something I love. This is something most of the people around me do not understand. My SO considers most of the music I love pretty strange and so do my parents. Fortunately headphones exist. This song is NSFW due to language. To explain what it is is a bit difficult (Writing about music is a bit like dancing about architecture). It has a really energetic and uplifting sound and it reminds a bit of the band Scooter only that gwEm and Counter Reset are much more eloquent. As obligatory conlanging reference: They use a very good rhythm in their speech, which is easier in English than in say Rejistanian because English as both shorter words and a less strange stress pattern. Despite that, translating this song to rejistanian would be interesting to say the least.