Example: Uti’het iverlin mi’la’okox ,erid’he’ny alte min’ma’ta ‘va uti’het’ny jaku, lija.
(Wall berlin 3S-PST-fall ,commited.one-PL equality 3PL-be.able-NEG (INF)make wall-PL stable, because.)
The Berlin Wall fell because communists cannot build stable walls.

I am not sure how this word was created. There is nothing obvious which derives from it. This looks like a lazy Rejistanian Word of the Day (it is a lazy one, I admit it) but that is mostly because there is nothing much to say about it: Uti’het’ny are made of stones, bricks, wood, etc, I guess looking atthe word that rejistanis might even use it for a high, opaque fence.

So let me pad things a bit: Why have the USAnians not yet started to use the IBAN system. It would be so much easier to transfer money into the USA that way. I am considering joining the LCS, but this of course does not work if these is no way to transfer the membership fees.

In other news: A company actually invited me to a job interview. This is great – and partly conlang related since I mentioned my conlanging as one of my hobbies and referred to it on the so-called 3rd page (I have heard that this does not exist in the USA and other countries, it is a page in which you in formulated text express why they should hire you). Wish me luck next week. Karlsruhe, here I come!