This is an attempt to translate this poem into Rejistanian.

Rejistanian poems are constructed of alliteration of the stressed syllables and there are not really fixed forms. Rhyme is used in music, but in poetic recitation, it is not common. It is just too easy to rhyme in Rejistanian if you set your mind to it.

Jvenu’het’ny min’nadit ‘nevaju vinik
ulyka’het’ny’mi hilid.
Xatrem’het mi’ritmu veran’het. Korona’tan’han isrel’het’ny’mi
tysa’het’tes jasam
usku nijka.

Every line has another alliteration pattern. In case you cannot read stress patterns of rejistanian, let me show you:

Jvenu‘het’ny min’nadit ‘nevaju vinik
ulyka’het’ny’mi hilid‘het.
Xatrem‘het mi’ritmu veran‘het okrina’het’han. Korona’tan’han isrel‘het’ny’mi
tysa‘het’tes jasam
usku nijka.

A few words about this: I am not very happy with it. The very strict form made me choose ‘nevaju (to drift) an despite trying, tusk could not be worked into the form. This adds 2 lines to the poem. The sea could not be seli (it would have fitted so well), but had to be veran. And while I still consider the half-sentence at the end not too bad, it uses the word korona’tan, which is connotationally somewhat different than just taking it to the market. Using korona’tan here kinda makes of the corsairs poor sods who do it for a bit financially safety for themselves and their families. The fact that the size of the boat is left unclear only helps this.

I do like how the fact that the animal is dead (or that it is an animal at all) is not really mentioned (it is implied via the use of ‘nadit). From the view of the pirates, it probably makes sense not to refer to it as animal anymore and not mentioning death to ward it off seems like something Rejistanis would do.

A transliteration would be this:

Leg-PL (INF)drift
stem-PL-GEN3S tree.
Ship 3S-cross large.rock-ALL. Prosperity-ALL pirate-PL-GEN3S
tooth-PL-ABL color
rust impressive.

EDIT: I inserted 2 words to make it less ika.