Example: Oda’tan tenva mje mi’vetix alnany oleni’tan tani ulsiu.
Sentence clear one 3S-mean AUGCMP poetry nation anything.
One clear sentence means more than the poetry of a nation.

I have to admit that I dislike poetry. It bugs me not to understand things. It bugs me even more when a someone intentionally frustrates people by being as unclear as possible. It bugs me even more when people communicate about their feelings pointlessly (sorry, I do not care how you felt when you saw that sunrise as you are DEAD and have been since a few centuries). Thus, the poems, which I like are of the childish variant. As such, I have not thought a lot about rejistanian poetry, let alone written some… but I expect it to be using rhyme or alliteration of the stressed syllables (ie: Tykal‘het mi’kylan, mi’ki , mi’ki’kasnan, mi’ki’kirkaju, mi’ki’kaju skavu’he’il, het. This means: The tiger waits. It knows that it will hunt, follow and fight its enemy). Rejistanian poetry is not the formalized style which is popular here in academic circles, school classes and nowhere else, but it is an art which thrives on improvisation. Not writing an eternal poem that will be remembered by generations is the goal, but writing something very fitting for now is.

I tried translating the Sheli poem by David J. Peterson a few times, but so far, I failed. I am not good at this kind of thing.

\begin{rant}BTW: Why is it so freaking hard to get a mobile phone which does not suck‽ These things accumulate feature after feature but they fail at the basics: usability, big fonts (and that means everywhere, not in a few screens so you can offer the phone for the old and the visually impaired, but as soon as you leave these, you have to navigate by memory because the fonts are 3 pixels tall), clear contrast, good voice quality, phonebook, sending and receiving SMS (preferably without the disease that is T9) and either distinct or customizable ringtones (that Nokia tune is so horribly overplayed).

Apparently, it is. No, I do not want an i(Diot)Phone with more features than sense, or something with keys, which only a particularly small amoeba can use. I had the perfect phone (well, in retrospect, I was angry about the bad voice quality at that time), but then, it deprecated and no longer works with modern SIMs and the people in cell phone stores laugh at me when I ask for something like it. Have the 90s really been the only time when good cellphones were made? Seriously‽\end{rant}