Example: Oda’het siki ji dijuri’het min’yri kynha alnany oda’het siki aji.
(word friendly and weapon 3PL-succeed easy AUGCMP word friendly only)
A friendly word and a weapon succeed far easier than just a friendly word.

This is what Al Capone probably would have said if he was rejistani.

‘oda means to express in words or toformulate something, oda’het means word and oda’tan sentence. This is a rather odd deviation, but rejistanian is not an engelang. It is supposed to have the kind of deviations which no one is supposed to get by the bucketfull. I can kinda see that a sentence is more than the words is consists of and thus be considered an abstraction of oda’het.

There are some strange terms which are derived from this stem, none of them are derived obviously:
eduoda’het: idiom (literally: word set)
himoda’het: syllable (literally: wordpart)
himoda’het vetix: affix (literally: expressive wordpart)
lejen’het oda: monolingual dictionary (word book)
oda’het aru: noun (exist word)
oda’het hite’han: adverb, adjective (word towards specificness)
oda’het va: verb (do word)
oda’het va hakela: auxilliary verb (intentional do word)
odaveka: witty (literally: good-formulating)