Example: Tekne’het tye mi’ma’ta ‘okatu demu’tan’ja veka!
(world real 3S-be.able-NEG (INF)compete tale-AGAINST good)
The real world cannot compete against a good story.

The word ‘tye means to be real, tye, the adjective just means real. Like in the term actual in English, it has a certain connotation of ‘in contrast to what was expected’.

Tye’tan is reality. Tye’he does not refer to a realist though, it is just the real, actual person, eg: Hej’ny min’visko ,Santa mi’enju kanada’ra nahtaj, het ,tye’he mi’enju Helsinki ji mi’skavu lama’he’ny, venil (People say say that Santa lives in Canada, but the real one lives in Helsinki and hates children).

In other news: I have decided in NationStates to make a little competition related to translating text into rejistanian. The prize is being able to define the style modifier of the Orange-Blues for the next world cup. If you want to participate, translate this text into rejistanian and comment it here:

My younger brother, my older brother and me play in the team of our kalesa. The team is called Aelanaua Seli and it is not very good. We always lose the first match of the season. And we always lose the last match of the season. And we always lose every match inbetween.

EDIT: I am considering making a new weekly feature on this blog: To weekly introduce a piece of free music to this blog, preferably related to the Rejistanian Word of the Day. Free here does not refer to the price but to the license. I am very unhappy with the way the music companies work and thus boycott them (with the exception of a few world music CDs *blushes*) since a few years. I instead listen to a lot of free music from sites like jamendo.com. The song for today is by Steep: Your reality.

This is a song, which seemed unremarkable to me at first, but then, I suddenly and for no reason had it stuck in my head and no idea why or even what song it was. Eventually I found out, of course. The line, which I still remembered was this one: “Asavleji’il ,il’mesu mi, het ,il’lanja’aru tye’tan’il.” Of course, they sang it in english: Believe what you see, cause it might be your reality.