Example: Sanja’het mi’slani ,xen’ni ‘sanja mi, venil.
(life 3S-fail ,1S-must (INF)live 3S, but)
Life’s shit, but we must live it.

This is the rejistanian equivalent to the sentence “shit happens, but life goes on”. It os one of these sentiments, which are on the one hand universal but on the other hand in rather culture-specific wrapping. Life can be a bitch (and then you die or at least marry one) and the way rejistanis express it seems to be quite a bit fatalistic. On the other hand, there is something else in it. A sentiment that life sucks for everyone and there is a certain solidarity in this. I guess I suck at explaining this.

‘sanja also shifted meaning to include “living through” something, either a situation or an emotion. As such, it is partly synonymous to ‘demna. However, there is a difference between these two words: ‘sanja is more long-term than ‘demna. ‘demna can refer to any mercurial feeling, while ‘sanja refers more to feelings which last a longer time. It also can mean “to experience a situation”. Sanja’het is life. and sanja means “alive” or “living”.