Example: Yjik’het jolu mi’tinhu alna!
(road direct 3S-be.advantageous CMP)
The direct road is better.

Sometimes, you find a word and it immediately speaks to you and allows you to much easier express something. Sometimes, this happens when reading information about the ext2 filesystem. The term was ‘indirection’ and apart from the internas of an inode (which BTW is not related to the iDisease by iDiots of these days) it seemed to be everywhere.There always seemed to be places you go to just to be told you need to go elsewhere, especially in a school system where no one seems to be responsible for anything by default. Why am I saying this? To understand the idea behind the word jolu, of course. Next to the normal meanings which you would expect, jolu also is used for the less legal but more easy areas of the economy: the mijit’het jolu is the black market. It is direct because it does not require all this hassle with the government regulations. In the sentence from the song, I chose it to translate radical. It was probably not the best choice out there, but it seemed to fit the idea of direct life, not mediated by institutions, but experienced immediately with the own eyes, ears and hearts.