Example: Xe’vana’ta ‘semek ,xe’ludu al, lija. Han’xen M talka.
(1S-like-NEG (INF)cook ,1S-be.tired very, because. go.to-IMP1PL M golden.)
I don’t want to cook because I am tired. Let’s go to the golden arches.

I never really though about what Rejistanis would eat.. at least not well enough to write anything down. But this example is definitely from the real world. In the conworld, the golden arches do not exist.

‘semek can mean to cook, or to prepare food in general, even if it is not made in a pot on an oven. Salad is ‘semek-ed as well. As is aa steak or a soup. More specialized words do exist though. Semek’tan means cuisine and semek’het. is a cooker to prepare food on. Someone who prepares food is, very regularly, a semek’he. semek means either ‘cooked’ or ‘prepared’ or ‘related to cooking’.

Completely unrelatedly, there exists a site called URLAi, which attempts to guess the gender and the age of the poster. In my case, I supposedly am 18-25 years old, male and in an upset mood. On each and every one of these counts, URLAi was wrong. I mean, sure, occasionally, I am upset (I tend to joke that I do not have a temper issue but an idiot issue), but here on the blog, I normally do not vent when I am upset. If I did, my posts would be far longer and the words “idiot”, “Vollpfosten”, “Windows-User”, “Arschgeige” and “f*cktardation” would be used much more often! Definitely! As would be many rejistanian terms like “slani”, “itva” and “selme”. 🙂

BTW: does anyone know a good replacement for audacity? It fails because it cannot create its temporary files in my home directory (for space issues) and when I attempt to tell it a diferent path for them, it fails to recognize anything related to audio at all.