Example: Kisxan mi’la’itva reja Mitilek.
Kisxan 3S-PST-fail method Mitilek.
Kisxan failed in the same way Mitilek did.

This is one of the words, I did not want to search on my blog to make sure that I do not reduplicate an entry. reja is used very much. It is used without suffix quite often to mean ‘in the way of’. The example shows it used that way. Seeing that many derivations are not quite regular, this is occasionally required if the adverb/adjective has a completely different meaning than the noun. BTW: This is one of the very few times when I deprecated grammar: Originally, this was a suffix, but it seemed not within the spirit of rejistanian.

Reja’tan means method or algorithm. In the song it was used as reja’tan semek, ie: method/algorithm related to cooking, ie recipe. Some programming books use recipes to illustrate the concept of an algorithm, so it fits.