Example: Xe’vinsi akem’het naxah ,xe’vana’ta ‘vasu ludu, lija.
1S-drink water wake ,1S-like-NEG (INF)become tired, because.
I drink a caffeinated beverage because I do not want to become tired.

The word ‘vasu is related in meaning to the word ‘ida. They are not the same though. ‘ida refers to more drastic changes than ‘vasu (which tends to refer to changes in the iti’het). It is a somewhat fickle difference, but as my English teacher said “Der Trend geht zum Zweitwort” (second words/terms [ie: synonyms] are the new trend). vasu’tan means “evolution”, both in the biological term as in the meaning of ‘development’ (like in that Evolution of PC Audio Youtube video). Of course, we all know that evolution is just a theory. Just like the theory of gravity, atomic theory and germ theory of disease :þ

In other news: After a world-creation session last night, Rejistanian now officially has more than 2000 words. I am not quite sure what the 2000th word was, so I cannot mention it here.

BTW: Sometimes, people make my day. And to show you how little it takes to do this, I list something, which really made me very happy yesterday:

( taronyu) I really enjoy your word of the day posts, by the way

This was said after taronyu thought that the apostrophes in Rejistanian indicate glottal stops and I explained him what they really are (a way to distinguish affixes from the stem or each other to make the language easier parsable as well as a way to indicate the stress). It was probably not the most clever design decision out there, but I was young when I made it and needed something easily writable (my first rejistanian texts were developed in school by hand). And by now, it has just become a part of the character of the language. And something to make jokes about.