Some words exist even though they should not. ‘kamandi is one of them. Let us just say that team is a German abbreviation, no matter what your etymological dictionary says. It means: “Toll, Ein Anderer Macht’s” (Great, someone else does/will do it). This means that teamwork is doomed to fail by default. There will always be people who ‘kamandi and quite often, they are in important positions, thus the false cognate with “command”. I actually considered naming it after the specific person, but decieded that I would prefer to forget his very existance. 😉

In conculturing terms, the group can also be the family.

The word can be used intentional or like a normal transitive verb.

Kamandi’he is the term for such a glorious person…

Example: Sihatil mi’kamandi ‘inesukuku kemas’het ines.
(Sihatil 3S-kamandi (INF)program version new)
Sihatil let the group down when programming the new version.

(BTW: Sihatil is a rejistanian name and intentionally not related to any RL failures in human shape. They know who they are.)