This is stronger than yesterday’s kesaty and a negation. I guess, I should wonder why someone in a rather liberal culture creates a sometimes constricting and more illiberal culture than s/he lives in. The answer of course is that it is fun to imagine it. There were many liberal, utopian languages already and especially in NS there are also many connations like that. Fatatatutti comes to mind. This probably made Rejistania drift a bit into a different area.

However, despite that. If someone offered me a ticket to Rejistania’s capital Sike kali, or the biggest city KaMaRi kali, I’d pack some clothes, my computer and my jewelry (my money would be worthless there, but the gold wouldn’t) and take a cab to the airport.

Example: Nymatu’he’ny min’lonuk ‘xamie lama’he’ny’han.
Priest-PL 3PL-lonuk (INF)have.intercourse child-PL-ALL.
It is taboo that priests have intercourse with children.

BTW: Jalanat has posted in a thread called “You know you play NS too much when…” in Forum 7 (due to the fact that everything in F7 is temporary I won’t link you) and mentioned as one of the points:

…you created a language for your nation that is at least one-tenth as complex as Rejistanian.

Nice to see that I have a reputation for my conlang (even though rejistanian is simple compared to some things out there). And to make sure that the category Infrequent IRC quotes is actually warranted* here something from IRC (about divisasi’het’ny):

(+Rejistania) but for domestic leagues, we still lack something comparable [to the program leagion]
(+Rejistania) Scorinate these 2 divisasi, and then have the winner play the 2nd team in the other one in a playoff’
(@Nth|Tableinating) divisasi
(@Nth|Tableinating) that’s an awesome word