This is the opposite of ‘exala. The best English equivalent would be to behave hypocritically. Every society has this kind of behavior, the bible considers it to be bad and so do we as a set of related and interconnected cultures.

The verb can be used intransively as well and then mean ‘to be hypocitical’. In this sense, it is very similar to English, in the version, which expects a verb as parameter, it is a strange, but IMHO needed expression.

Example: Mi’hatavan ‘selka ,mi’kamandi ,exkola’he mi’la’tes, la, venil.
( (INF)do.fair.part ,3S-let.down.others ,teacher 3S-PST-go.away, PST, but.)
S/He pretended to do his/her fair share of the work but let those who relied on him/her down when the teacher left.