This term can be considered either a good or a bad thing. Traditionally, it often was something bad, unless it was used to explain giving up bad habits. By now, it also can be considered quite liberating to do something new. It reminds me of this XKCD comic. The example sentence actually originates there.

Example: Syjixa’il ‘seve luka’het’ny tuku, syjixa’il ‘jula halek’het’ny rijaku’veri, syjixa’il ‘visko komanu’he’ny’han.
(syjixa-IMP2S (INF)use curve-PL wrong, syjixa-IMP2S (INF)open door-PL sign-ABESS, syjixa-IMP2S (INF)speak stranger-PL-ALL)
Take wrong turns, open unmarked doors, talk to strangers.

BTW: I have no idea what the person who searched for “words every conlang needs” found, but this is a candidate. 😉

And a fresh inrequent IRC-quote: this time featuring Toki Pona jokes (#conlang likes jokes about Toki Pona, it is so easy… ):

* MalfermitaKodo wants to hear the universe song by Monty Python in Toki Pona 😉
( B-rat) oh gods
( xvedejas) hah
( B-rat) please dont ruin monty python with toki pona
( B-rat) 😛

And here one related to the new rejistanian font (I am Rejistania there since it does not happen on Freenode):

( Rejistania)
( Aalnordhavn) Looks like Arabic and elvish
( Rejistania) Aalnordhavn: it is written left to right
( Aalnordhavn) That doesn’t make me understand it any better 😛
( Rejistania)
( Rejistania) this is a different font
( Aalnordhavn) Am I tilting my head wrong?