This is a word, which is quite strange to me. It took inspirations from many areas, among those Turkish and what little I know of Japanese idioms. I have glossed this word with ‘heart’ and ‘soul’ already when I used it earlier. This word is used in a lot of strange idioms:
‘aru demna’het ama: to be very emotional (to be completely demna)
‘aru demna’het al alna koleni: to react head over heels (to be more demna than reasoning)
demna’het’xe mi’oki’anik: I am very sorry (my demna is certainly low)
demna’het mi’eval: to become agitated/angry (the demna stands up)
demna’het mi’han jvenu: to have fear (the demna goes to the legs)
demna’het mi’lines: to feel strong disgust, to vomit (the demna turns yellow)
demna’het mi’sinit: to be hungry (the stomach is empty)
demna’het mi’vasu itli: to be relieved (the demna becomes light)
demna’het mi’xitri: to be excited (the demna jumps)
‘lil demna’het leji: to be sane (have a correct demna)
‘lil demna’het alte: to have/show sympathy (have the same demna)

It is also used when talking about preferences or wishes. Especially if they are somewhat odd and irrational, you might want to say demna’het’xe mi’kaska (My demna likes/prefers) instead of xe’kaska (I like/prefer).

As such, ‘demna means “to feel emotion”. Now you can derive what demna’tan is, right? No? Of course not really, it means conscience. If you are aware that feeling what is right or wrong is just a form of feeling, it makes sense, I guess. Still, this word and derivations are to me rather odd and delightfully so.

Example sentence: Demna’het’xe mi’vana’ta ‘dimil jilih (soul-GEN1S 3S-want-NEG (INF)write this: I don’t want to write this)

And another infrequent IRC quote (MalfermitaKodo is me):

( lucky) i wished i liked the aesthetics of your conlang more MalfermitaKodo
( lucky) the depth and breadth of its expressiveness is amazing

For added irony, this was only a few hours after I wondered how I can say ‘fork’ (the eating utensil) in Rejistanian (the fork in a road or a unix process has a name already: riva’het).

In other news, I apparently forgot to use the modern equivalent of the turbo button. I do not need to keep janekha (my netbook) in a mode to save battery life when she* is connected to the mains.

And if you want to see me embarrassing myself for a global audience: you can see me on youtube singing “still alive”. Click at your own risk!
Edit: fixed the video URL!