Example: Antal’het rejavisko vaines mi’kidhi #conlang’ra.
Conlang Day is happening in #conlang!

This term is constructed from reja’tan: manner and ‘visko, which means to speak. Its name was derived rather early in my conlanging time. The idea that a language is a manner of speaking comes from a language misconception, I do not like to let go, but have to since it is completely BS. To me, speaking English and French (and even German) had something to do with the state I was in, but this state also refers to the movement and position of mouth, tongue etc… ie: an /i:/ in German feels quite different than an /i:/ in English. So speaking in a language was an activity out of a state (which had some sci-fi-ish implications to me) which is done differently depending on the language. Thus a manner of speaking is a language. I still like the construction in rejistanian though.

A conlang is a rejavisko’het vaines ie: a created language.