Example: Dela’ta’il, meva’xe mi’meshi’ma ‘ausu.
(make.sound-NEG-IMP2S, mother-GEN1S 3S-SBJ3-be.able (INF)hear)
Don’t make a sound, my mother might hear.

I was asked about the translation of cacophonic, which as we all know means ‘sounds like shit’ in greek. But this word is not one word but in expression in rejistanian and ‘dela is an interesting term here. As I probably have not mentioned, Rejistanian separates the perception from the phenomenon itself. English and German use either the same, or very related words for these things. Take: “I look at this and it looks bad.” the two words ‘to look’ mean completely different things. On the one hand we have a sensory perception, on the other hand, we have the cause of a sensory perception. in rejistanian, these meanings are not conflated. And thus ‘dela refers to the creation of sound while ‘ausu refers to the perception of sound. So cacophonic is just ‘dela jurutu: to make a horrible sound. Vulgarily, you can say ‘dela slani as well.