Someone earlier mentioned that xamie (for, well, intercourse) shows a rather cultural openness towards the act. I think this is not necessarily true. If you allow me a strange comparison: Neither does the fact that Fred Phelps refers to homosexuals very often an openness towards homosexuality.

But there do exist certain metaphors for doing the specific thing. And ‘vorika is often used for these metaphors. It can still be used innocently. If parents and children ‘vorika (the word is commonly intransitive), it just means that they do spend time together doing unspecified things parents and children do together. If the subject however are 2 adolescents of the preferred sex and a private place is mentioned (or a time when people are supposed to be sleeping), well… *whistles*

Example: Syku ji Kansu min’vorika sijiv’het’jet lune imaxte’ta.
Syku and Kansu 3PL-spend_time day.TEMP last assigned-NEG.
Syku and Kansu spend the last free day together.