I am going to phase this topic out (by popular demand of a single person), but since hugging is such a wonderful thing to do, ‘sirtastimki, constructed of arm and body does belong here. It is generally used intransitively.

This word is not NSFW at all, so Starblaydia should not be worried about it. Parents hug their children, no matter what their age. When I saw Ma for the first time after long months in the UK, I dropped everything and we hugged and we were so happy to see each other again. And while I am at the topic of old family stories. The example sentence is something I said to my grandmother almost every time it was time to leave.

Example: Xe’ma’ta ‘tes ,xen’sirtastimki’ta, tesla.
1S-be_able-NEG (INF)go 1PL-hug-NEG, before.
I cannot leave before we hugged.