Blame my beloved significant other. Since my blogging was a bit topicless, he thought this area would be interesting. Please note that munali and takani are both translated as mature, but have a very different meaning. If something is munali, it is not childish, if something is takani, it is not safe for work, school, and depending on the contents, probably the majority of human eyes.

Takani’tan is bodily attraction, carnal love. It is quite possible that someone caught cheating on her/his significant other tries the excuse: Jilih mi’aru takani’tan aji ,xe’vasina il aji, venil. (It was only bodily attraction, but I love only you.)

Example: Il’yva’ta ‘mesu takani’het’ny namin. (2S-have_priviledge-NEG (INF)see mature_thing-PL here. You are not allowed to look at mature material here.)