This is an odd term. I don’t know how I got the idea for it, but it pretty much only occurred in the term ‘vinali’het tikira’ which only has the clumsy translation ‘3rd place playoff’ in English and the much nicer term ‘kleines Finale’ in German. I know, I wanted to stop the soccer terms, but here is another reason. Conveniently it is also an example sentence:

Xe’la’kaska ‘ytinvisko ‘Barbie Girl’ ,xe’la’uta’ta, venil. Xe’la’ena oda’het tikira ji xe’la’vana ‘seve {tikira} reja tikira’het.
(1S-PST-prefer (INF)translate Baarbie Girl ,1S-PST-finish-NEG, but. 1S-PST-require word replacement and 1S-PST-like (INF)use “Tikira” in_manner_of replament.)
I wanted to translate Barbie Girl but did not finish. I thus needed a replacement word and I liked using ‘replacement’ as replacement.