You internet users… what are you searching for to get to my blog? I am used to the usual strange things like words in rejistanian or conlangs of Mr Peterson… but… but… why does googling Unabsteigbarkeit lead here? I do use the word occasionally to illustrate how you can understand a word by understanding the root and its compounds (the root is absteigen (to be relegated), the entire word means roughly: the property not to be relegated [ever]), but still… it is an odd term to google for and it’s even odder that you won’t end up on where I first found that term.

Now, the rejistanian word of the day means naked or as verb either to be or to become naked. While this term is a bit suggestive, it is not so… takani (mature in the XXX sense) to mark the blog as such. Hopefully!

I wanted to translate Barbie Girl into rejistanian, but it is really hard since it would require some form of compression to fit into the meter.

Xe’elu Valvi
1S-be_named Barbie
I am Barbie (that is an odd rejistanization)

tekne’ra valvi
world-LOC barbie
in the/a Barbie world

Sanja mi’lasik
Life 3S-be_plastic
Life is made of plastic

ji xen’xamik
and 1PL-participate
and we participate [in it] (yes, that was included due to the rhyme)

Ishante’il xe.
Brush-IMP2S 1S
Brush me

meshi’loa’il xe.
SBJ2-naked-IMP2S 1S
maybe undress me.


il, xen’ki’sidekhir.
you, 1PL-FUT-reach.
I will support you, we will be someone.