Example: Xe’isin ,exkola’het mi’la’uta, het.
(1S-be_happy ,school 3S-PST-finish, this)
I am happy that school has finished.

It is a rather straightforward term with predictable derivations*. However, the word, I was asked for is a bit more difficult: schadenfreude. This is not as easy. The concept can be called in different ways: isin’tan xuka itva’tan for example (happiness about failure) or isin’tan xuka tore’het (happiness about pain) or isin’tan xuka ivyk’tan (happiness about shame/embarrasment). A way to express the sentiment in rejistanian would be something like isin’tan xuka nuvan’tan’mi luru’he (Happiness about the unhappiness of another person).

* however, akem’het isin for wine is unusual.