Whether it is due to the weather or just because nothing in infinite. At one point, plants will wither and die. The force of nature, which is responsible for this is, at least according to the majority religion of Rejistania, Jaortirkansa. Jaortirkansa is not only the divine embodiment/God of death, but also of reincarnation. As such, the deity is more like Shiva based on my limited exposure to Hinduism than like a devil or Greek god of death. Even though I did not know of the song at the time I created Inikresaism, the filk song Eternal Flame (by Julia Ecklar and Bob Kanefsky) has a very fitting line:

Now, God must know all these languages,
and a few I haven’t named.
But the Lord made sure, when each sparrow falls,
that its flesh will be reclaimed.

Of course, it is about the wrong deity, but I think about this lyrics whenever I think of Jaortirkansa.

Jaortirkansa is one of the two main deities of inikresaism. The other being Relekhakansa, the God of life and growth. The name Inikresa meant something, but while Inik’tan means ‘order’, I am not sure what resa was.

Example: Jasam’het mi’jaortu sakas’tan’jet (Flower 3S-wither drought-TEMP: the flower withered during the drought)