I tried not to continue the soccer topic. Sorry, SILV, but my mind was too much in it still to go elsewhere.

Myju’het means home as in the specific place you call your home. Myju’tan refers to the abstract concept behind it. As adjective it can work like the German word ‘Heimat-‘. I am not sure whether English allows ‘home city’ or ‘home state’, but “kali’het myju” and “nanti’het myju” are perfectly cromulent.

As a verb, ‘myju either means to be home or transitively ‘to send home’ in sports. So, we can say something like “Duixlanha mi’la’myju Inlenha” (Germany sent England home) if we wanted to stray into “don’t mention the four” territory. 🙂

The root is a very old one. It is one of the first ones created for rejistanian, probably even predating the name Rejistania. Maiju is also a part of the city KaMaRi kali.

Example: Myju’tan mi’aru ra’het’mi skavu’tan (home 3S-be place-GEN3S hate: Home is where the hate is.)