There is another word for distant, which is jenti. The difference is not as easy to express. It has something to do with the distance and discomfort to reach a place. A taren’het is not near, but it is easier to reach than a jenti’het. Taren has another purpose, which jenti does not share: place deixis. Rejistanis would express something like: “This fruit, that fruit or that fruit over there” via “jilih’het vi sike’het vi taren’het” (literally: “this one, the one there or the distant one”. Yes, rejistanis can very happily leave out the noun if they think it is already known and instead ‘typecast’ other words into nouns). “Namin’het” can replace “jilih’het” if another of these objects was referred to earlier.

In addition, a milhan’het taren is an away game.

Example: Lelej’tan mi’taren ,yri’tan mi’jenti, venil. (hope is far away but success is further away)