Talea / talea’het hite / mi’deshe itlane’xe / mi’va ,jui mi’sen, het / mi’va sen’ny’xe sis’ny.
Octopus / Some kind of octopus / Tearing my shell apart
/ Letting the sea get in / You make my insides outside.

From the song Octopus by Jonathan Coulton

And you expected something about Paul the ‘psychic’ octopus, right? Well, Paul was a phenomenon, to the point that a German newssite summarized the world cup with 3 pictures: a goal by Müller, the Spanish team with the cup and Paul the Octopus in his tank in Oberhausen.

However one comment said that I should not dwell on soccer much longer. One IRC-denizen however said I should continue this topic. So to get away from this dilemma I might still occasionally add soccer related Rejistanian Words of the Day, especially of course if they are requested. *wink wink nudge nudge* Since it is however hard to stop: here a world cup related example:

Example: Talea’het Vaul mi’la’emi Esvanha. (Octopus Paul 3S-PST-support Spain: Paul the Octopus supported Spain)