Lasane’het esvanha mi’la’viki xamjona’het tekne! The Spanish team has won the world cup! Paul the Octopus in his tank predicted the match correctly and is not only 8/8 now, but also has a Wikipedia page – in 31 languages. And now it is time to attempt to like domestic soccer again even though the state radio and TV will do what it can to prevent this from ever happening (though I liked watching the test game of the 1. FC Köln against the FC Remscheid today, but that was in

Of course, there is still the weird and wonderful world of NationStates soccer. 🙂 So to ease the transition into the weird and whacky world of domestic leagues, here a NationStates example, actually a part of a one of the things, which I can imagine rejistani fans in a part of KaMaRi kali chant about their local lasane’het:

Example: KaMaRi mi’lil lasane’het dary. KaMaRi mi’lil xen. Xen’aru Hades Lavamje / xen’viki. Xen’ki’viiki. (KaMaRi 3S-have team great. KaMaRi 3S-have 1PL. 1PL-be Hades United. 1PL-win. 1PL-FUT-win: KaMaRi kali has a great team. KaMaRi has us. We are Hades Lavamje [Hanin-Desnike United]. We win. We will win.)

EDIT: random IRC-weirdness which is not worth its own entry:

< B-rat> rejistanian is looking more and more like a footballer language 😛

Well, he is right here, of course. I did a lot of soccer-related entries this and last month. But then, a conlang is only nearing completeness if you can ask where the bathroom is, tell the policeman you thought that $personofpreferredgender was really $ageofmajority and yell at the referee for being blind, biased, and reacting incorrectly to ghost goals. Or when you can explain the offside rule in it. 😉