This is again a loan word. It is not derived from English but from German. I think it was created during another world cup in 2002. It already existed in 2003 when the rejistanian national team reached the vinali’het tikira (3rd place playoff) in an inofficial competition. So, let us trace the way of a team to become world champion, in Rejistanian.

Milhan’het’ny kanvali: the qualifiers
Sono’het ivyk lasane’het’han sejil: the embarrassing defeat by a bad team
[Milhan’het’ny lelej: the relegation games]
Kanvali’het: the qualification
Tari’het’mi xamjona’het tekne: the beginning of the world cup
Milhan’het’ny xiky: The group phase
Milhan’het’ny tes: knock out stage
Vinali’het johim: Round of 16 (eighth-final, literally)
Vinali’het mjihim: quarterfinal
Vinali’het xihim: semifinal
Vinali’het [halen]: final
Xamjona’he’ny tekne: world champions

The 3rd place playoff is the Vinali’het tikira (ersatz final).

Example: Vinali’het tikira mi’ki’dimis. (the 3PPO will be exciting)