The term ‘divensi like the term ‘hetaki is loaned from English with soccer. Both of these terms have a meaning related to the sports-related usage.

Rejistania was famous for its love for defensive soccer before various internal strifes and political SNAFUs and slani’het’ny made it impossible for the nation to compete internationally. Some people called the defensive ‘sistenha’tan karela’ the ‘most boring tactic ever’ but for the Rejistanis, it was liked. Of course this might have something to do with the fact that Rejistanians glorify the past but not entirely. I already mentioned that rejistanian sports had a much more defensive idea due to the assignment of malus points, not bonus points. This influences Rejistanian perception as well. Also, from a complete OOC*-standpoint, these games were fascinating (‘lekie) to me. So many strands of influences formed the rejistanian love for their defense. The rejistanian term ‘sistenha’tan karela’ for a specific and later all defensive tactics (it is named after the club Karela Lines, which was (in)famous for it) has become one of the words, which spread into the larger world of the NationStates sports roleplaying community.

Other words of the rejistanian language which left the country and spread:
* Takil (the complete opposite of Karela)
* slani (a curse)
* ‘xkora (to score) in the name of the program xkoranate
* vinali tikira (third place playoff) was used in the first Cup of Harmony
* Han’il, $TEAM! (Onwards, Rejistania) mostly used nonseriously on IRC
and probably more…

Example: Hetaki’tan mi’mesit’viki milhan’het’ny ,divensi’tan mi’viki xamjona’het’ny, venil. (Attack 3S-SBJ2-win match-PL .defense 3S-win competition-PL Attack might win matches but defense wins championships)

BTW: I am expecting a Spain vs Netherlands final after Paul the octopus guessed against us (on live TV, seriously). Han’il, Esvanja!

*out of character