Another requested word of the day, this one for the most wonderful person in my life, who captures my thoughts night and day and with whom I want to live until the end of my days. My fiance. He wanted to know how the position of a forward in soccer is called. It of course is hetaki’he and the most famous hetaki’he’ny are Syku Lyku, nicknamed “SyLy” and, errr, Syku Lyku, nicknamed SyMji*. Of course, the name Syku Lyku is rather popular in Rejistania especially since SyLy became a national hero in NationStates** world cup 11 and 12. Even the abbreviated form turned into a name and one of the people named like that, Syly Kansu, even made it into the national team later, ironically as defender. That SyMji is supposed to be related to the words Syku Lyku sounds not believable, but it is. Ly just happens to be the word for three and Mji the word for four***.

Example: Hetaki’het Sikane mi’la’veka alna Sike’het. (Attack Sikane 3S-PST-be_good CMP Sike-thing: The Sikane attack is better than the Sike one.)

* There is also Jenji Y, but his story is a bit more complex for Out-Of-Character and In-Character reasons and more silly.

** when I found the game NationStates, I signed up to give the Rejistania in my mind a home in the real world. And this made roleplayed history of Rejistania also affect the mental ideal I have of the place.

*** I know that the pun is stupid, but then, the world cup is the time for the press to make stupid puns. “Klose encounters”, “You ain’t Ghana win this”, “England Mullered”, etc…