I mentioned already during the article about alte, that I would ontroduce the term ‘milhan later. It is simply something like a structured way to play. It is not quite like the ruleless ‘kimara. ‘milhan is used for sports, board games, also children’s games like catch. Games which are less structured (the pretending games of children for example) are less likely to be used with ‘milhan, but it can happen.

Milhan’het means game or match. Please be aware that this refers to one instance of a particular type of game. So Rejistanian would say milhan’het for, say Germany vs Argentina*, but milhan’tan for a type of game. As in the sentence: I don’t like the game Monopoly.

BTW: Someone asked me about how to rejistanize “Schwalbe” (or diving). It is a hard term to rejistanize especially when words like ‘hakela were not introduced yet and I would feel better to do so when I have more time, less tiredness and not my parents around me**. For now, let’s say that the expression for diving in soccer would be ‘hakela ‘okox.

Example: Il’lanja’kaska ‘milhan milhan’het kyus jynel su? (2S-SUBJ1-prefer (INF)play game war nuclear QUESTPART? Do you want to play a game of thermonuclear war?)

* Let’s just say that the Germans surprised me. I seriously expected overtime and maybe PKs like in 2006.
** I am back in Germany at my parents again. Expect my English to decline rapidly 😉