First of all: Thanks to whoever added the article on kihjune to stumbleupon. I do not quite know why (if you could comment on what I did right there, I can attempt to improve my postings here). The article seemed to be neither insightful nor is it about a word I feel particularly proud about. I also want to say “Hejida!” to everyone who found the Rejistanian Word of the Day in this way!

Now back to constructed languages: heven’het means league or level. It is a horizontal distinction: Bundesliga vs. 2. Liga, Premier League vs. The Championship, Heven mje’het sekhika rejistaniha (Abbreviated in text as H1SR and in speech as HeMjeSekRe) vs. Heven xi’het sekhika rejistaniha (H2SR or HeXiSekRe), etc. Vertical distinctions have a different term: divisasi’het. By vertical, I mean that the difference between Regionalliga Nord and Regionalliga Süd or between H2SR Divisasi Jya vs H2SR Divisasi Kisut.

Related words which I already mentioned are ‘ehasalan (to get promoted) and ‘ehaanik (to get relegated).

Yoyo teams, ie teams which tend to go up and down quite regularly are said to be in H1.5SR (Heven mje xihim’het sekhika rejistaniha: 1.5th league of rejistanian soccer).

Example: Itamil mi’la’viki heven’ra xi’het ji jya. Mi’ki’ehasalan. (Itamil 3S-PST-win league-LOC two-ORD and east. 3S-FUT-get_promoted: Itamil won the 2nd eastern league (Heven xi’het sekhika rejistaniha divisasi jya). It will get promoted.)