This seems to be a straightforward verb derived from the ablative for a movement away from something. Sentences like “Xe’tes kali’het” (I left the city) are perfectly valid. Even though the prescriptionists of the days of old would have insisted on the use of ‘isa’tes as verb here, it is by now cromulent and jaliex.

So Rejistanis tend to do horrible things with their affixes: use personal pronouns as personal prefixes for verbs, or as suffixes for the genitive and as suffixes for the imperative; verb ‘han, ‘ra and ‘tes and just about every adjective which could not get away in time, but what does that have to do with the topic of soccer? Well, simple: Rejistanis use ‘tes also for elimination from a tournament. So it would be perfectly cromulent to say: Alrentina mi’ki’tes duixlan (Argentina will eliminate Germany), Duixlan mi’ki’rala’tes (Germany will be/gotten eliminated) or Duixlan mi’ki’rala’tes alrentina’sy (Germany will be eliminated by Argentina)*.

This is a rather mild term though. You could also use a few other terms:
‘ivykerid: for example can be translated as ‘to fall into shame’ and is reserved for the matches which do require rotten eggs and tomatoes for the arrival of the national team and which fans later insist never took place. It is always used in the active voice and intransitively
‘myju: has a bit of a connotation of schadenfreude. is generally used tranditively and means something like ‘to [send] home’ (it is very clumsy to say this against the hosting nation)
‘slani $COMPETITION’sis’han: slang, like everything involving the expletive slani. An attempt to get the translation here would be ‘to fuck up [resulting in getting] out of $COMPETITION’.

Example: Inlen mi’rala’tes Duixlan’sy okatu’het’jet jilih. (England 3S-PASS-leave Germany-INSTR competition-TEMP this: England was eliminated by Germany in this competition)

* Since the team I support tends to lose, I will have to try to support Argentina in the next match in a doublethink way to make Germany win. It is one of my strange superstitions concerning the world cup. Don’t judge me.