I remember the Conlang Code v2 question about the relation between culture and language:

CuLTural expressiveness: Shows that it is attached to a specific culture.
clt++++ A sociolinguist could create a complete analysis of the mores, technological level, and societal structure of the culture that uses this language just from looking at the language.
clt++ The language is clearly tied to a strong cultural
clt—- You can’t even tell that such a thing as sociolinguistics exists judging from this language.

Personally, I thought that clt++++ was pretty unattainable and unrealistic. But today, I realized something which made me understand that something like clt++++ probably can exist. In Rejistanian, the term, for scoring (in sports) is a loan word. The word for conceding however is not. I thought that this was kinda unrealistic for quite a while but both words were too established to change them. And today, while fighting headaches from hell, I realized why it is in this way. Rejistanian traditional sports have no bonus points (like in soccer) but malus points (like in minigolf and show jumping). Points are not assigned for reaching an objective (like scoring a goal), but for failing to do so (failing to leave the rails untouched when jumping over a fence or failing to defend the ‘flag’ in a capture the flag-like game). Thus, in traditional rejistanian sports, a result like “Sike 10 – KaMaRi 0” is not bad news for KaMaRi but for Sike. This interpretation also makes sense in explaining the rejistanian love for defensive tactics in soccer.

It all makes sense now! Also the fact that “lehiju’he’ny” (conceders) is a quite common fan insult against bad teams.

Example: Lasane’het’xen mi’la’lehiju xkora’het xi Sike’tes sijon. (team-GEN1PL 3S-PST-concede goal 2 Sike-ABL yesterday: Yesterday, our team conceded 2 points against Sike.)