Like 4:1. 😉

I was more than a bit pessimistic about this match, even though the Krakenorakel predicted Germany to win. Thus, I explained that this match was “host country vs home country” and thus “like 2 attractive men mud wrestling: Whoever loses, I win”. I would not have expected that the home country would ‘jisu England 4:1*.

As such, I do not yet have to explain elimination in rejistanian. Which is good because the rejistanis have a somewhat feeble expression here. The example sentence however refers to a match in the rejistanian league.

Example: Sikane Sekhika mi’la’jisu Aetaila Seli. (Sikane FC 3S-PST-defeat_highly Aetaila Seli)

* and that karma would retaliate for Wembley 😉