Jusa ji k~hana mi’la’milhan alte evix’jet. Min’la’milhan kaladek ,jusa mi’la’sono ji mi’la’tes, la. USA and Ghana drew in regular time. They played extra time during which the USA lost. I do not expect to see a Kēlen translation of this because it is just culturally too different, but I would like to see what Kamakawi would say about the match in their reports about the Inotu Inotu. 🙂

I could introduce ‘milhan here, but instead I decided to use today’s word of the day to explain how rejistanis compare. The system of comparisons is quite sophisticated and probably not all that natural:

Basic sentence: Duixlan mi’milhan veka: Germany plays well.

Equative 1: Duixlan mi’milhan veka alte k~hana: Germany plays as well as Ghana
Equative 2: Sanmarino mi’milhan veka nilte Andorha: San Marino plays as well as Andorra. This imples that neither team actually plays well. The Equative 2 can also be used if the thing which is compared is not good.

Comparative: Seriviha mi’la’milhan veka alna Duixlan. Serbia plays better than Germany
Augmented comparative: Seriviha mi’milhan veka alnany Andorha. Serbia plays far better than Andorra.

Negative Comparative: Koleja nahsua mi’la’milhan veka nilna Ulukvy. South Korea played less good than Uruquay.
Augmented Negative Comparison: Samoa jusa mi’la’milhan veka nilnany Ositaliha. American Samoa played by far less good than Australia

Superlative: Italiha mi’la’milhan veka altena xi ky jo’jet. Italy was best during 2008.
Augmented Superlative: Ositaliha mi’la’milhan veka altenany divisasi’het’ra osejaniha. Australia was by far the best in the Oceanian group.

Negative Superlative: Koleja nahtaj mi’la’milhan veka niltena. North Korea played the least good-
Augmented Negative Superlative: Tasmaniha iverlin mi’la’milhan veka niltenany. Tasmania Berlin played by far the least well.

Relative Comparative: Lixtentyn mi’milhan veka alsina Andorha. Liechtenstein plays better than Andorra even though both teams do not play well.
Relative Augmented Comparative: Lixtentyn mi’milhan veka alsinany Samoa Jusa. Liechtenstein plays by far better than American Samoa, but still not actually good.

Relative Superlative: FC Kelin mi’aru lasane’het veka alsitena Kelin’ra. The FC Cologne is the best team in Cologne though it is not good.
Relative Augmented Superlative: Silanines mi’aru lasane’het veka alsitenany Osejaniha’ra. New Zealand is by far the best team in Oceania, but it is not actually good.

I hope these examples explain comparisons somewhat.

Please don’t flame because I insulted your team! These are just examples!!! PUT THE FLAMETHROWER AWAY!!!

Last but not least and back to the original point: ‘milhan alte means irregularly: to draw, to tie a match.

Oh and completely irrelevant link of the day: The Krakenorakel (‘octopus oracle’) predicted the matches for Germany correctly so far (it does predict a victory against England). And now the Digital Cuttlefish made a poem about him. I, personally am amazed that he managed to find something which rhymes with Germany.