The Rejistanis consider dolphins as mischievous, and often happy. They seem to play wildly through the water when they swim there. ‘kimara also is wild, happy and carefree play of children.

Kimaralasu’het’ny min’kelda Na~ovi’tes. Min’ma ‘koleni veka alnany xen. (dolphin-PL 3PL-remain Na~ovi-ALL. 3PL-be_able (INF)compare good AUGCMP 1PL: Dolphins stay away from Na~ovi. They are much more intelligent than us.) listen

In other news: a heuristic to determine whether a program sucks: The format you want to save your work in is not available via ‘Save’ but via ‘Export’. If nothing else, it is a User Interface bug. It teaches users to stay away from the menu item called ‘save’ which is pretty difficult to condition someone to.