This is a rather straightworward term. I mentioned aliek’het livud as narwhal already. It is incidently one of the words which Kamakawi already mentioned. The name even sounds a bit similar to “ielou“.

Whales are majestics animals but I cannot quote something like Free Willie in the example sentence. Partly because I don’t watch movies and partly because the few movies I do watch are dubbed in German. So even if I knew a great quote, I would have to find the english original. I can understand their use though. It is hard to imagine good original sentences. I can use strange musical references though. And stupid jokes.

Example: Xe’rala’demu ,durui’tan mi’va ikis, het. Jilih mi’leji ,aliek’het’ny mi’va tuku sunjet, xane? (1S-PASS-tell ,swiming 3S-make slim, this, This 3S-true ,whale-PL 3S-make wrong what, then: I was told that swimming makes you slim. If this is true, what do whales do wrong?) listen