I admit, I like to see what search terms people use to get to my site. And occasionally I use their search terms in the search engine of my least distrust just to see what else it yields. What it did yield was this page: the conlang code. Now, let me try to create something like this for rejistanian:

CLCv2 18062010 R Rejistanian++ nat cpl++ cpx– !pin gin— chr++ clt+ lib++ mlf+ spw+ eas++ doc++ crp++ fin+++ fid— eff—- dns- clr nse+:+ fcc++ fam—- mod dct

cpx– due to things like ‘mjekir’ instead of the expected *xi’he.

!pin because I know that the language is rather Europeanesque especially in phonology, but I wanted to be able to speak it.

gin— because of some things I do to comparisons.

chr++ I go for a certain idea, even though I cannot express it well.

clt+ because the language is based on the rejistanian cultures.

lib++ because while there are strong liberal tendencies, Rejistanis are rather conservative by other metrics

About the mlf rating… I personally think that Quenya deserves an mlf- rating. It reminds me of hidden brutality behind a beautiful façade. It seems to me exaggerated beauty and thus deceptive. I don’t get these vibes from Rejistanian, though it has some harsh sounding elements. I know that any language which uses /x/ unashamedly probably should not hope to get a positive rating here, but I sung too many songs in the language to judge it to be ugly. It is poetic in its own deranged way.

eas++ because its grammar is very easy. The vocabulary however is not.

doc++ because what I have, I put onto the github-page, or here.

About nse… well, I personally cannot understand anything if there is much noise in the background, my mother has to switch off the radio when calling me or it distracts me via the phone and god forbid the line is crappy. And that is just my L1. However, I suspect that rejistanian is a bit easier than German and English in this respect due to its smaller phonetic inventory. On the other hand, It is a bit like turkish where a letter makes quite a difference. Riva for ‘split’ and kiva for ‘patiently’ come to mind.

The issue for the fcc rating is what culturally is primitive. The idea of ‘ltimka* is something westerners will need much less than the Rejistanis, which means that they will have to use a sentence for the idea (“keeping up a façade despite everyone knowing that this is not what really is going on for reasons of social and cultural norms”). But in general, I tried to keep complex word long and compounded and reserve short words for more primitive things.

Anyone wants to disagree, agree or want me to look at their conlang? *glances at the people with NationStates referrers a bit longer than strictly necessary*

* the Lajik who came up with the idea that such clusters are pronouncable do so. Other rejistanis tend to pronounce the word as [El”timka:].