This word is just as-is in the dictionary and I am not sure how or whether to derive anything else from this word. The root alone of course can be used in the way explained yesterday.

Example: Han’xen axiri’het ji ranhi’ta’xen melheki’het’ny’xen! (towards-GEN1PL beach and forget-NEG-IMP1PL towel-PL-GEN1PL: Let’s go to the beach and let’s not forget out towels) listen

BTW: Discouraging comment of the day which I cannot attack because the ‘I was just joking’ defense was used:
< lucky> i dunno, i’m never judgmental about people’s conlanging, i do point out if they’ve made an “error” in terms of linguistic plausibility or practicality, but if they’re *aware* they made the choice, it’s cool by me.
< xvedejas> sure
< xvedejas> critical but not judgemental; that’s the way it should be’
< lucky> like i think MalfermitaKodo’s conlang here is resembles line-noise and sounds exactly like her mother tongue when spoken aloud, but I’d never say that
< lucky> 😛

Myreply was to point out that line noise has fewer apostrophes :þ