This is not an intentional loan word. Maybe my subconscious knew of the term ‘island’ and made a term similar to it, but I thought of a rejistanian term for the German term ‘Insel’. Ihilan’tan means continent since a continent is nothing but a very big Island. Ihilan as adjective mans related to an island or continent. Rejistanian also uses geographical or political terms after the word they refer to as if they were adjectives. When I decided to make adjectives follow the noun, I was also very intrigued by constructions like “New York City” and “Washington State”. I thought that this construction yearns to be generalized. And thus, Rejistanian does not only have constructions like “Nu jolku kali” and “Vaxinton nanti”, but also “jistu ihilan” (island of Juist), “Karela kalesa” (quarter of Karela) and “Disheldorvu rekijo” (Regierungsbezirk Düsseldorf) or “Yvel hadi” (Eifel region). I remember this because in retrospect it is one of the ideas which helped me shape the language.

BTW: I am considering giving up recording example sentences since it is rather disappointing that most of the comments about the recordings are about the quality or rather: lack of it. Yes, I am using a crappy €20 headset and a semi-supported netbook-soundcard. I never realized that the quality was that bad after I let a plugin remove the horrible line noise, but I happily accept Ogg-Vorbis files with the lowest possible encoding which officially is not recommended without hearing a difference to FLACs of the same file. I really am not the person to judge audio quality. I would like you to comment whether you would prefer to continue to have audio recordings in the current quality or think that it is not worth the hassle. I originally started recording rejistanian, well, to fight the stereotype that conlangers only write their languages and not speak them. I also hoped that people might somehow, grasp the language better when they hear it. However, if you think the quality is Vogon-grade bad, I can do your ears, my time and Mikuju’s disk space a favor and not record stuff until I return to Germany and can buy a better mic.

Example: Sumumusumu ihilan mi’ra rejistaniha’sen kisut nahsua. (Sumumusumu island 3S-be_at Rejistania west south:The island of Sumumusumu is in Rejistania’s southwest) listen