This word is rather regular (durui: related to swimming, floating on the water; durui’he: swimmer; durui’het: something which swims or floats; durui’tan: swimming) and fits in scope with the English equivalent.

While Rejistanian does have words for different sorts of fish, the general term is a rather unfortunate construction: Tevme’het durui, ie: swimming animal. It is a strange term, but I can see the committee for the creation of the rejistanian language discuss this issue for hours until agreeing on this, strange, ika compromise. It is something, which makes sense in-universe, even though it makes far less sense outside the rejistanian iti’het.

Example: Aliek’het’ny livud min’durui jui’het’ra. (whale horned 3PL-swim ocean-LOC: Narwhales swim in the ocean)

Anyone knows why audacity is being a PoS atm and refuses to start saying that it lacks free space? *screams*

Edit: When in doubt, delete the settings. But I still think any program where you have to export as opposed to save something to get it in a format anyone else can use is inherently ika and oejelu! If you know openSource alternatives which offer some form of noise cancellation, feel free to recommend them! listen