I am going to shift the topic from sense and perception to a new topic now. This topic will be water and related things. This is of course not related to the cuddly Tux (Linux penguin) which I am cuddling right now.

I normally try to use not too long and complicated derivations of the root for the headline, which means that in this case using the verb or state verb is not a good idea. The verb ‘akem means either ‘to drink’ or ‘to get wet or soaked’. This is a more complicated meaning than just ‘water’ for akem’het or humidity for akem’tan for humidity. Akem means ‘wet’ or ‘related to water’. Water however is not such an easy word. It has a number of odd composition:
akem’het dekesa: falling tide
akem’het esda: wave
akem’het exkira: rising tide
akem’het isin: wine
akem’het kimi: ice
akem’het naxah: caffeinated beverage
akem’het okox: shower

Ice was first encountered on photographs which is why the coldness is not referred to in the term for ice. As a tropical nation, Rejistania had no need to have a term for water.

And there are some odd compounds as well:
akemtareh’het: spring (water, NOT the season)
akemusanhi’het: flood

Example: Visko’xen xuka akem’het. (Speak-IMP1PL topic water: Let’s talk about water) listen

PS: Forgetting the power adapter of the main laptop can cause missing Rejistanian Words of the Day. As can fighting against inferior proprietary operating systems and completely unusable browser imitations, which I will not name here because I do not want Microsoft to sue me.