Noise is annoying. Loud noises are much more annoying. However, not everything loud is noise and horrible. For example the music which I listen to at this time of the night* (Initials DC if you need to know). While it is loud it is also pleasant. Otherwise, I would have stopped the music player already. I said this to explain that kylan’het doe not equal noise, it does not equal sandat. Kylan, which is one of those depressingly regular words, just refers to volume, not to the pleasantness of it.

An existing idiom is ‘kylan visko’het which means to raise the voice.

Example: Kylan’ta’il yunad’jet! (be_loud-NEG-IMP2S night-TEMP: Don’t be loud during the night!)

* My flatmates do not object and I tolerate their music habits, so it is not that inconsiderate.